Also known as Amyl Nitrate; Butyl Nitrate; n-Nitrate; Amys or Rush, Poppers is a highly flammable, yellowish liquid, usually sold in small, glass screw-top bottles.

Amyl Nitrate is packaged in small glass capsules, which were crushed, or "popped" to release the vapour. Bottles, containing Butyl Nitrate, are the more common form of poppers nowadays. Once opened, the poppers evaporates and the vapours are inhaled.

The effects can be felt about fifteen seconds after sniffing, but are short lived, lasting only two or three minutes. The muscles of the body relax, giving a warm sensation over the body. Blood vessels enlarge, lowering blood pressure and increasing the heart rate, sending large amounts of oxygenated blood rushing through the heart and brain. Present emotions are intensified. The user may feel light-headed, dizzy, a sensation of falling, or even that the room is spinning. A feeling of well-being follows. Some people experience mild nausea and a headache afterwards.

Poppers can be fatal if you suffer from heart problems, low blood pressure, anaemia or breathing problems. People with suppressed immune systems should also avoid poppers, as it inhibits the immune system. Poppers is extremely toxic when swallowed or injected - seek medical help quickly. It is also flammable. It should be washed off immediately if it gets on the skin.

Clinics, Drug Rehabs etc.

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