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Also known as Obies, Nobies, O's, yellows, Thinz, Nobese No. 1 and Obex-LA. Diet pills (DP) can be capsules filled with granules or hard-coated tablets. They are swallowed, and should not be chewed, otherwise a massive dose occurs in a short time. Snorting can cause a bad nose bleed. It takes about 20-45 minutes to feel the effects, and they are designed to be released into the blood over a 12 hour period. One tablet or capsule is the common dose until tolerance occurs.

DP generally give the effect of increased energy, wakefulness and exhilaration (feeling good and mood elevation). The feeling of an altered state is enhanced by your heart rate going up, a dry mouth with a metallic taste, muscle tremors and giddiness. Obviously, appetite is also reduced. In some cases hallucinations can occur. You may experience nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps or constipation. Pupils dilate and you may have increased nervousness and agitation.

Most DP's contain a form of ephedrine or a similar compound. See the Ephedrine for more info. Changes in the nerve cells result in tolerance (higher doses required for the same effect) and also withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms are excessive sleep, increased appetite and depression. Very high doses over long periods (more than 4 weeks) can cause brain cells to die off, which is permanent. Diet pills are physically and psychologically addictive.

They should not be taken by people with high blood pressure, over-active thyroid glands, glaucoma (too much pressure in the eye), an enlarged prostate, heart disease or if you are pregnant. They can be dangerous if taken together with anti-depressants. Avoid mixing with caffeine since this could lead to difficult breathing and heart palpitations. Remember, some cold drinks contain caffeine. Susceptible people may suffer anxiety, insomnia, paranoid psychoses and delusions.

Just because diet pills are registered drugs, doesn't mean they are without risk to your health. Legally Nobese and Thinz are Schedule 2 drugs, which means they are available over the counter, but only over 18's are allowed to have them. Obex-LA is Schedule 7 and requires a prescription. It is highly illegal to have them without one.


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