Addiction Action Campaign Projects



To contribute to any of these projects please contact us here. See also Our wish list here

Project 1 - Facebook promotion

We advertise on Facebook to drive membership. Its an extremely affordable way of promoting The AAC. R300,00 in advertising cost relates to about 100 new members. If you would like to donate to this project, please contact us.

Project 2 - Find directors

Behind any successful non-profit organisation are committed people. But behind really successful organisations are influential people. The AAC needs committed people who are influential and successful in their own right to lead the organisation to where its meant to be. If you feel that you fit this description or you would like to recommend someone, contact Warren Whitfield at warren @

Project 3 - Fund raising

Funds are required to provide income for 2 full time active directors and the establishment and running of a full time office. Approximately R50000 per month is needed for this step.

Project 4 - Research

In order to address the vast need that substance abuse presents in South Africa today, we need to be well informed as to what the problems are. An extensive research programme needs to be implemented. With this in mind, The AAC wants to conduct such a project. At least R1 million is needed to complete this project.

Project 5 - Celebrity champions

Anyone knows that celebrities who endorse public benefit campaigns, contribute hugely to their success and their exposure. David Rees heads up this department. If you would like to be a part of this campaign, please contact David at david @

Project 6 - The AAC "Wish List"

We have a list of things which we are currently working finding donors for. if you would like to see the list you can download it by clicking here.

Project 7 - The AAC Recovery Foundation

Sponsors are needed to provide funds for people needing addiction treatment. Only approved and registered treatment centres and clinics are used. Sponsorships cost from R5000 - R50000 pp/month.

Project 8 - Television ads

Sponsors are needed to provide funds for flighting television ads. Click here to see ads that we are looking for sponsors for.

Clinics, Drug Rehabs etc.

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Our facility is modelled after a healthy family environment allowing our participants to heal the internal damages and create a new future for their own families. Meteffect is situated in Polokwane, contact us today!



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