Self expression embraces all aspects of the self, including sexuality. Raves resonate with superficial love, warmth and affection which are unreal and induced by mind altered states. It stands to reason that at times one would want to express this love with complete physical surrender in making love or just having sex. Unfortunately, the risk is extremely high of having unprotected sex which can have disastrous consequences. A few addicts have contracted diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B & C and have children because of the result of wild abandon.


Babies are forever and so is Herpes. HIV kills eventually. Genital warts contribute to cervical cancer. Candida causes infertility. The list goes on. Safe sex is better than remorse. Condoms should always be used.


Whilst on Ecstasy and other drugs, it becomes easier to have unsafe sex because of "forgetting", judging that the risk of infection is small, or simply, that its not such a terrible thing after all.


On an Ecstasy trip, it seems “right“ to make immediate changes in relationships such as increasing or decreasing commitment of all kinds. These fresh points of view can be useful, but unwise decisions in making lasting relationship changes are made before the user has a chance to see how they feel about the other person and after the drug and its afterglow wear off.


The uncontrollable sexual urges that are caused by Crack Cocaine, Cocaine, Mandrax and Heroin etc. also demand fulfilment and thus increase the risk and cause the spread of infectious diseases.

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