Addiction Prevention




Will the supply of addictive products or services ever be stopped?


As long as there is money to be made and as long as governments and economies are dependent on these corporations to supply them with employment and income tax revenue, no.


The only way to prevent addiction is proper education and making industries and corporates financially accountable for the recovery and reintroduction costs of individuals who have become addicted to their products.


Income tax revenue generated from these products must be used solely for the purpose of providing proper health and addiction treatment for the masses. Revenue should also be used to implement national advertising campaigns which advertise the dangers of these products. Besides using the media to educate the masses, revenue should be used to create a formal subject at school on the dangers of addiction for learners from age 5 or 6 years old for at least 2 consecutive years.


The national and private education curriculum must be amended to contain proper drug and addiction education. South Africa’s law makers and industry professionals must accept the principles and strategies of Harm Reduction philosophies.



Clinics, Drug Rehabs etc.

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