30 November, 2009
Independent Democrats Endorses The AAC
The AAC received an email from Patricia De Lille's office officially endorsing the AAC's campaign. See the email here..

ID Endorsement

Part Time Fund Raisers Required

The opportunity exists this year to involve members of the AAC or anyone else, who would like to become involved in raising funds for our organisation's projects.

We have some good ideas on how to grow our membership substantially this year and would like to invite anyone interested in hearing them, to contact us.

We need to raise funds for the following initiatives:

  • The AAC Recovery Fund to assist people financially who require treatment.
  • The AAC Addiction Research Fund to become well informed & provide much needed statistical information.
  • Addicted street children. Recovery, education & reintroduction programmes.
  • Child sex slaves. Recovery, education & reintroduction programmes.
  • Addicted sex workers. Recovery, education & reintroduction programmes.
  • The AAC Drug Rescue Crew - School education teams.
  • Adult recovery, literacy & reintroduction programmes.
  • Culture & language specific recovery programmes.
  • Administration & management expenses.
  • 24hr emergency addiction counselling hotline.
  • More community education websites like
  3. ,

To find out more about income potential from this position, please contact us.


Fund Raising Manager Needed

Contracted, skilled senior level position in the Fund Raising Sector at The Addiction Action Campaign in South Africa (National, all cities).

The AAC is a registered non-profit organisation which seeks to address the epidemic of addiction in South Africa. To do this, we plan to grow an organisation with a huge membership and with those members supporting the organisation with monthly debit order donations.

Job Description:

The successful applicant will..

• Report directly to the Chairperson & Treasurer.
• Work from home.
• Recruit membership sales people nationally.
• Manage sales people nationally.
• Manage sales targets.
• Also sell.
• Generate & Qualify leads.
• Make appointments.
• Present The AAC as a solution to addiction in South Africa.
• Do one on one presentations.
• Do group presentations.
• Be able to present at board level.
• Convert leads to members with signed monthly donation debit orders.
• Administration.


• Marketing / Business / Politics / Sales degree or equivalent.
• Minimum 5 years sales or 3 years sales management experience or 2 years fundraising.
• Go getter, self starter, able to stay motivated.
• *** Contactable references.
• Proven track record.
• Professional and presentable.
• Own reliable presentable transport.
• Own laptop, and cellular phone, internet connection & Adsl or 3G.
• Skilled at MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Able to use the internet with ease.
• Preferably knowledge or experience of addiction, but not essential.
• Must present us with a strategy on how they will grow membership and income.
• Long term outlook.
• Able to manage people.
• Good story telling abilities.
• No criminal record.
• Clear ITC.

An extremely attractive package is being offered to the successful candidate. Interested in applying? contact Warren Whitfield here.

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