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07 October 2008 - Heroin used to attract gamblers

08 October 2008 - follow up story

10 October 2008 - Are the 'Boeremag' involved?

03 December 2008 - Silversands Casino / finally exposed


07 October 2008
Title: Heroin used to attract gamblers

Click here to read the follow up story | Are the 'Boeremag' involved?

The Addiction Action Campaign announced today that it had discovered a website domain, namely, which was being used to divert people seeking information on heroin to

AAC chairperson Warren Whitfield said that this practice was “absolutely deplorable”. He said that the organisation had logged a complaint with Uniform and requested that the domain’s ownership be reviewed.

“We have also launched our own investigation into this domain. Whether Silversands Casino is aware of this practice or not, it is responsible to know which domains connect to their website and to take the appropriate action. We are looking to find any person who sought help for a heroin addiction online, who suffered a financial loss because they were diverted to gambling online. We will seek financial restitution for damages caused on behalf of any person who has suffered because of this unacceptable practice by either Silversands Casino or’s registered owner Indona. To take advantage of someone who is in an emotionally charge, financially fuelled state is just plain wrong”

Anyone who has suffered in any way because of this questionable profit tactic, should contact The Addiction Action Campaign at info @ For more information on substance abuse and gambling, see

- End of release.

For more information on this release, contact the writer - AAC Chairperson, Warren Whitfield at 079-066-3382 or warren @

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08 October story follow up

Are the 'Boeremag' involved?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of witnessing the quickest transformation from parasitic stinking thinking, to serving others.

I went to check what INDONA, ('s owners) had done in response to our expose. I was very pleased to find that the site now points to Although this response is commendable, I can't help but wonder if anyone who was looking for help online was harmed in the process. I'm not a judge, but why would anyone use the word "Heroin" to get someone to lose money in your casino?

Is it because you want to take advantage of a negative emotional and financial state by creating the illusion that it could be fixed through gambling? Or, will gambling definitely help your problem with heroin and the state it's left your finances in?

Anyway, i'm sure that this sick little discovery runs a lot deeper than what meets the eye. Yesterday, I contacted MNET's Carte Blanche to alert them of the story. If anyone has suffered financially, we will be fighting the cause for restitution.

- Warren Whitfield, AAC Chairperson.

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10 October 2008
Are the 'Boeremag' involved? & story gets bigger.

On further investigation, I came across a website where some farmers were discussing the 'Boeremag' (see They went to the site which was originally pointed to a site involved in selling tourism related products. If you go there now, its pointed to

Two things and have in common are firstly, that they are or were both pointed at sites that sell products from which they could earn a commission. Secondly, they are both owned by the company INDONA who can not be reached for comment. Are the 'Boeremag' financing themselves through these domains? Or are INDONA highly intelligent bottomfeeders who make money in questionable ways? Is the law being broken here, or is what they are doing just immoral? Are and inadvertently financing the "Boeremag"? We'll keep you posted.

- Warren Whitfield, AAC Chairperson.


03 December 2008
Silversands Casino / finally exposed

After sending press releases to the entire S.A. media, including all newspapers, Carte Blanche, 3rd Degree and The National responsible Gambling Program (NGRP), I only received one response from a journalist in Cape Town who works for the Argus.

I could not believe the response. I did some more investigation and found that online casinos pay up to R500 per introduction from any website who refers business to their casino.

Last night, I was offered the opportunity to enter into a discussion on SABC Africa - African views. The presenter was Udi ya-Nakamela and the panel group comprised of representatives from NRGP, the casino industry and government. I was amazed at the how the other panellists never had a bad word to say about gambling in S.A. but continued to pat themselves on the back as to what a wonderful job they were doing.

Finally, Udi asked me, "In essence what would The Addiction Action Campaign like to see happen?"

Here was my response:

1) "We'd like to see underhanded tactics that were used by Silversands Casino and stop." I then explained what had happened and that there had been no response from anyone on the story.

2) "Alcohol should cease to be served to people who are gambling as it alters their state of mind and seriously impairs their judgement."

3) "Online gambling needs to be properly policed as casinos & government are profiting from people who were gambling online who are not in their right state of mind"

3) "Sin" Taxes should be used for prevention, treatment and education."

The programme was broadcast all over Africa and parts of Europe & the U.S.A. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of my accusations towards Silversands Casino, and the lack of response from the National Responsible Gambling Program.

Final thought: Did I receive no response whatsoever from Carte Blanche and 3rd Degree because Silversands Casino is one of their biggest advertisers? You decide.

- Warren Whitfield, AAC Chairperson.

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