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Thank you for considering donating to The Addiction Action Campaign cause.

Please also consider Our wish list - Please direct all donation enquiries to AAC CEO, Warren Whitfield - 072-522-5325

Imagine the Addiction Action Campaign with a membership of 50000, 100000 or 500000 South Africans strong! Imagine if each one of those members gave just R10 a month towards the cause?

  1. We would be able to employ and position permanent staff in parliament whose job would be to keep an eye on the pulse of law, lawmakers and how they affect the lives of South Africans affected by substance abuse.
  2. We would be able to establish a fund that could assist South Africans affected by substance abuse or compulsive behaviours.
  3. We would be able to provide an information service that would serve the needs of all South Africans via telephone, the internet and through public education programmes.
  4. We could be an effective solution for South Africa

Would you like to become a member? Register now! Give us a call and commit to a monthly debit order donation of R10, R20, R50 or whatever. Whatever you feel comfortable with, we are most grateful for. No amount is too small, everything will be put to good use. Call us now on 072-522-5325

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